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T-Ball Division

The primary goal of Tee Ball is to develop the joy of the game. As such, a progression of skill development is the aim of Tee Ball. Millbrae Lions’ T-Ball is a modified T-Ball league. We will begin the season with our players hitting off a tee for the first half. After we pass a designated time, we will then transition to coach pitch. Coaches pitch to the players, but if the coach and/or the player elect to use the tee, they may. Players will be required to use the tee if they are unable to hit the ball in fair ground by the 3rd pitch. This is an instructional league.

  • Most Players Baseball Age 4-6
  • No Player Evaluations
  • 1 Game/Scrimmage on Saturdays (Intrasquad to start the season), about 1:15min
  • 1 Weeknight Practice (Practices start in early March), about 1:15min
  • Full Game Schedule Will Be Available Mid March
  • Recommended Player Equipment
    - Glove
    - USA Standard Bat (
    - Baseball Pants
    - Cleats
  • Included with Registration
    - Jersey
    - Cap


2021 T-Ball Rosters (Subject to change)

Teams Blue Jays Orioles Marlins Rays Cardinals Cubs
Coach Anthony Edwards Michelle Esquivel Dominic Comolli Calvin Fung Andrew Macmillan Kenny Tanaka
Coach Andrew Evangelista Marc Dimalanta Mitchel Borja Geoffrey Yu Chester Chung Leo Meneses
Coach Tony Adornetto Tyler Masamori Jamie Wong Joseph Wong Tiffany Kiniris Marco Garcia
Coach Einstein Gutierrez Vladimir Ramirez-Carrozzi
Practice Schedule Thursdays@Taylor 4: 4-5:30pm Fridays@Taylor 4: 3:30-4:45pm Fridays@Meadows: 5-6:15pm Fridays@SpringValley: 3:30-4:45pm Mondays@Taylor4:4-5:30pm Thursdays@SpringValley:
Practice/Game Schedule Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD Saturday@SpringValley: Time TBD
1 Aaron V.F. Brandon F. Adelynn C. Ashton H. Aaron C. Ares L.
2 Carson L Cole S. Brian F. Austin Z. Albert S. Daniel M.
3 Charlotte A. Dylan E. Callen T. Aven F. Avery H. Dario G.
4 Desmond E. Elliot S. Elijah G. Cameron W. Deavon C. Dominic U.
5 Dominic L. Hunter V. Grayson C. Chloe C. Elijah P. Elliot K.
6 Greyson A. Joshua M. Griffin U. Dylan Y. Graham S. Guiliano M.
7 Hendrix G. Kai D.G. Hunter H. Evan T. Jack K. Isaiah P.
8 Ira C. Keio P. Kyler B. Jackson F. Jack M. Isaac M.
9 Luke P. Landon E. Mason C. Kellan Y. Jaxon S. Jacob S.
10 Marcus G. Lucas K. Niko G. Logan H. Keya A. Jacob M.
11 Mathis P. Mason J. Noah M. Lucas F. Lani G. Jonathan V.
12 Mauricio E. Maximilan D. Penelope D. Nathan C. Leland C. Logan T.
13 Micah S. Nathan B. Stephen P. Noah T. Marco L. Micah P.
14 Quinn A. Nico L. Wes R. Paolo C. Sloane M. Morgan L.
15 Wesley M. Theo P. Zachary K. William L. Theodore S. Paul J.